Hosting A Ton Of Sites For Free

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So, I have a bunch of side projects. All of them are fairly small and it’s mostly me and a few friends using everything. I’ve constantly tried to cut my hosting costs as much as possible, not as a practical matter but I see it more like code golf, it’s just fun to see what’s possible. Let’s start off by listing what I’m hosting: * 2 PHP-based web apps * 3 environments each (dev, staging, live).

How I Sped Up My Website With Free Hosting

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I found a way to speed up my website while getting rid of my paid hosting.
While looking into a way to speed up my website, I also found a way to have it hosted for free. Best of both worlds? Pretty much, though there are a few caveats. WordPress Previously I had a WordPress site on a paid hosting platform. This worded out pretty well. I could add a bunch of different plugins and do all sort of neat stuff with my site. It was very easy to setup, update, and do… whatever I wanted.