Don’t Use Common Passwords

Occasionally, we run into a client that uses an insecure password. We typically tell them about the security implications, and suggest that they change it, and mention LastPass as an alternative to having to remember a ton of complicated passwords. There are simple ways you can check if you’re password is worth using. The big… Read more

Puppet Restarts Apache, Server Crashes

Earlier, one of my servers stopped responding on port 80. It appears puppet had restarted apache because it updated a config file for one of the virtual hosts, and there was a configuration error, so apache didn’t come back up. By default puppet uses restart, even when a daemon supports reload, so when it messes up, it kills apache. Also, I realized it’d be nice to use configtest before even trying to restart.

puppet resource

The other day while I was trying to get puppet up and running on a server, I found that you can use “puppet resource” to automatically generate puppet manifest code. If you type:

puppet resource user

It’ll show you the puppet configuration for all of the user’s on your system.